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How to setup picons onto usb stick ViX.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to put picons onto usb stick. This is 1 of a few ways of doing this and for me this is easier than unplugging usb plugging back in etc lol

For this you need a usb stick formatted as fat32 or ext3 and the usb to be mounted correctly in device manager as media/usb
You can check if this is the case by going to Menu/Setup/ViX/Devices Manager and should look like this below;

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How to setup Wifi for the VIX image. ( All ViX supported receivers )

The following aims to show you in a easy to follow tutorial how to setup your ViX imaged receiver
for use with a Wifi stick. The tutorial was created for the ViX 3.xx series images and may not be
compatible with earlier images by the ViX image team.
Step 1.
Plug your WiFi dongle into one of the USB ports of your receiver and REBOOT (that’s FULL reboot
not just an Enigma reboot)Continue Reading..