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How to setup your Vu+ for recording on USB

How to setup your Vu+ box for recording on an usb stick or on another device connected to an usb port.
Mount your usb stick by Devices Manager as /media/usb
Blue Panel > Black Hole Settings > Devices Manager > Mountpoints …

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How to Mount HDD and USB in the Black Hole Devices Manger

How to Mount USB in the Black Hole Devices Manger

As follows :-

1} Press Blue button twice @STB Remote Control and select the Devices Manger, you will see this screen {1}

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MeoBoot – Short user guide

To use MeoBoot, obviously, you need to install a devices (HDD or USB Stick), to format it in EXT4 and to mount it.​
You can format and mount the device by Black Hole Devices Manager.​
After installing your device, you have to enable MoBoot by opening it by Black Hole Green Panel and choosing your preferred device to use for multiboot.​

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How To connect Vu+ to LAN – WLAN


Use Interface – yes, otherways will not work
DHCP to no – Your router will not do DHCP, will use static IP address for your box – better then dynamic

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How To keep your Vu+ cool and avoid overheating.

At first, follow your user manual, where to place your box.


For those, who doesn’t want to use for any reason third party plugin Fancontrol2, I suggest to set
Menu > Plugins > Manual Fan control to “ON” in standby. (I personally prefer Deep Standby which keeps box cooler, or total power off when no recordings are programmed.)


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How to multiboot with images by SDG image downloader Vu+ in Black Hole image

How to multiboot with images by SDG image downloader Vu+





with SDG image downloader Vu+ and Barryallen or Μeoboot you can have any image there this time for Vu + receivers
without using a usb stick or pc!!!

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How to stream Vu+ -> Vu+ (Tuner through DLNA)

  • Because in Black Hole images is included the advanced DLNA server Mediatomb you can:
    1) Share the media content of your Vu+ boxes
    2) Share the tuners streaming through DLNA
    3) Share all this with other devices in your home that support DLNA system.
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1) From your current installed image 2.0.x goto -> Menu -> Setup -> System -> Customize
– Set Setup mode to Expert
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HowTo flash/update Vu+ images

To install a new image, you need an empty USB stick FAT32 formatted.

  1. Download image zip file for your Vu+ model;
  2. Unzip the zip file and you will have a folder named vuplus and under the folder, you will have another folder named after the model of your VuPlus set;
  3. Copy the vuplus folder (including all the sub folders and files in it) to root folder of your USB stick;
  4. If you have any folder named vuplus on any device connected to your Vu+, delete the folder or rename it;
  5. Turn off your Vu+;
  6. Insert the USB stick to the front USB port on the set;
  7. Turn on your Vu+.


Vu+ Duo​

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