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How to install new Drivers on VU+

Here is a little guide to install new VuPlus drivers.
First of all make a backup copy of the current drivers, copy all the files in
When new drivers comes out, take tar.gz drivers file and unzip all files in
and replace old drivers.
Than reboot your decoder, that’s all.
If image reboots correctly new drivers are compatible with your image, if image doesn’t start it means that the drivers are not compatible and you have to wait for a image upgrade.
In this case to go back to old drivers, just connect with ftp and copy the drivers you backup before to:

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MeoBoot – Short user guide

To use MeoBoot, obviously, you need to install a devices (HDD or USB Stick), to format it in EXT4 and to mount it.​
You can format and mount the device by Black Hole Devices Manager.​
After installing your device, you have to enable MoBoot by opening it by Black Hole Green Panel and choosing your preferred device to use for multiboot.​

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