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Many users already know this but sometimes i read posts about ppl that have flash full expecially in Vu+ Solo and Duo boxes.


This is funny because in BH images there are two ways to extend flash using usb stick.
As for example if you have a 4 Giga usb and want to use for flash you can


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HowTo flash/update Vu+ images

To install a new image, you need an empty USB stick FAT32 formatted.

  1. Download image zip file for your Vu+ model;
  2. Unzip the zip file and you will have a folder named vuplus and under the folder, you will have another folder named after the model of your VuPlus set;
  3. Copy the vuplus folder (including all the sub folders and files in it) to root folder of your USB stick;
  4. If you have any folder named vuplus on any device connected to your Vu+, delete the folder or rename it;
  5. Turn off your Vu+;
  6. Insert the USB stick to the front USB port on the set;
  7. Turn on your Vu+.


Vu+ Duo​

Update is done when upgrade completed message is shown on the displayContinue Reading..

How to flash a Vu+ Ultimo.


Items you need before we start.
1. A suitable USB stick formatted to FAT32.
2. Image of your choice
3. Compression software such as 7zip.
4. HP Format tool ( not essential but highly recommended )
5. Teracopy ( again not essential but highly recommended )
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How to flash your GigaBlue HD Quad with USB stick

Installing an Image on your GigaBlue Quad is pretty straight forward:Continue Reading..