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Newbies guide to Cardsharing using Dreambox VU+

The first thing you need to cardshare is a linux sat box , for this tutorial we will talk about a dreambox , a good place to start is with a dm500s you will need atleast a null modem cable ( to connect your dreambox to your pc ) and you will need to download some free software . the first thing is an image ( this is the tv software ) as a lot of deambox are clones i suggest downloading a clone safe image , nabilosat darkstar or evoluton are excellent images ,you also will need to download and install universal dreamup v1.2.2.0 ( this puts the image in to your dreambox ) and you will need to download and install dream control center ( dcc you need this to edit cccamn) also you could download either peazip or winrar ( some software comes in zipped form and needs to be unzipped ) i would also create a new file in my pc and call it dreambox and store all the software in there so you can find it easily.
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