MeoBoot – Short user guide

To use MeoBoot, obviously, you need to install a devices (HDD or USB Stick), to format it in EXT4 and to mount it.​
You can format and mount the device by Black Hole Devices Manager.​
After installing your device, you have to enable MoBoot by opening it by Black Hole Green Panel and choosing your preferred device to use for multiboot.​

After you made your choice, you have to restart MeoBoot for to use it.​
Now, via an FTP software, you have to upload one or more image in USB.zib format into /media/meoboot/MbootUpload and then into MeoBoot panel you have to select Install Image (red button).​
Therefore, a new panel will be open and you will be able to select which image you want to install by moving left and right arrows on your remote control into Source Image file option.​
Once you select an image to install, by moving the remote control arrow down, you will select the Image Name option and you will be able to write the name of the image you are installing (it will be the same you will see in MeoBoot menu panel after installing).​
Finally, by moving remote control down arrow again, you will find the option to choice if to Copy setting to new Image or not to do it.​
Now you have only to push the red button to install the image and a new panel will be open with an executing progress message.​
After some minutes, the new image will be installed and the Vu+ will restart booting with the last image installed by MeoBoot.​
Now, when you open MeoBoot you will see all the installed images and you will able to manage them.​
You will be able to choice the image for next boot (green button), to delete a multiboot image (yellou button) or to use MeoBoot Tools (blue button).​
Using MeoBoot Tools, you will be able to make Images multiboot Backup and to manage the same backups (restore and delete).​