How to setup Wifi for the VIX image. ( All ViX supported receivers )

The following aims to show you in a easy to follow tutorial how to setup your ViX imaged receiver
for use with a Wifi stick. The tutorial was created for the ViX 3.xx series images and may not be
compatible with earlier images by the ViX image team.
Step 1.
Plug your WiFi dongle into one of the USB ports of your receiver and REBOOT (that’s FULL reboot
not just an Enigma reboot)
Step 2.
Navigate to menu/setup/system/network/device setup and you should the following screen
or something very similar.


Step 3.
Press the blue button (Network Wizard) and you will see the screenshot below, Then press OK to


Step 4.
Scroll to List available networks and press ok to proceed.


Step 5.
Choose your network (up/down the OK to select)


Step 6.
You should then see the screen below, press left or right the change “no” to “yes”


Step 7.
Scroll down and enter your encryption type. For me its WPA2, for you it might be something
different. You will need to consult your wifi router to find out which type you need (you will also
need your routers password/key).
Once you have entered your encryption type go down to enter your encryption key with the
buttons on your remote. When done press OK.


Step 8.
Press OK again (yes)


Step 8.
This is to disable the wired (LAN) connection. Press OK again (yes)
You will then wait a 20-30 seconds while it activates.


Step 9.
All done simply press OK to finalize and save your setup.