How to setup picons onto usb stick ViX.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to put picons onto usb stick. This is 1 of a few ways of doing this and for me this is easier than unplugging usb plugging back in etc lol

For this you need a usb stick formatted as fat32 or ext3 and the usb to be mounted correctly in device manager as media/usb
You can check if this is the case by going to Menu/Setup/ViX/Devices Manager and should look like this below;


If your usb isnt mounted correctly then press “Green” to setup mounts then highligh usb and use you left and right arrows on your remote to get to media/usb and then press “Green” to save the settings


Download your desired picon set and extract the file

Once usb setup correctly you will need to connect via FTP into the box

Once connected to your box you should see the screen below (or similar)

Go to media/usb/ and create a folder in there called picon. so it should look like the screen below

Then transfer all the images from the picon set that you downloaded into the picon folder and once complete it should look like so

Reboot the box if needed and the picons will be displayed in the info bar


If you also want the picons to be displayed in the epg then press the epg button on your remote and then menu

If using PIG (Picture in Graphics) then you will need your settings to match below;

screenshot5 screenshot5b
If not using PIG (Picture in Graphics) then you will need your settings to match below;

screenshot4 screenshot4b

And thats it you now have picons setup on your ViX Imag.