How To Recording in USB with Blackhole Image.

Necesary a USB Pendrive in FAT32 o Ext Format.

Insert pendrive in any USB slot receiver
In remote control press blue Button and again blue

Again screen
In remote control press Red button Mounpoints


In the following screen configured as in the image and press green button for save

The box automatic reboot



Setup==>>Sistem==>>Setup and expert Mode select in the menu


Back to menu and select

Setup==>>Sistem==>>Recording Patch

Here we choose the path where we will record


To choose the routes, we must do the following:

Example, we will choose the path of instant recording

We get up and click OK

We go to a screen like this:


Here you select the route click on Menu on the remote control and it see another screen like this:


Press one for changing the patch to media/USB

Press green button for Save

we can record

We have several options to record

1-In the channel, press red button and choose one of these options


Second Options

Menu==>> Timer for recording Program


Happy recordings and enjoy !!!