How to organize your Black Hole Green Panel

Here is one guide for who to organize your Black Hole Green Panel with your most used plugins first in the plugins list​
1. Green button​
2. Red button (Panel Setup)​

3. Reorder plugins list​
screenshot (1).jpg
screenshot (2).jpg
now with up/ down buttons we can move to our plugin and with number buttons we give the number for shown in list (01 if we want it first in the list)​
for example:​
if i want add Meoboot first in the list i change Media Scanner from 01 to 06​
and Meoboot from 06 to 01​
we continue with other plugins us we like and in the end we press Red button for Save​
Basic Note : do not use same numbers for two or more plugins​
Done my Green Panel after move Meoboot first in list​
screenshot (3).jpg