How to made Personal Backup and Full Backup

How to made Personal Backup and Full Backup.

As follows:-

I } Personal Backup

1} Press Menu button @STB Remote Control , and info page will show {1}


2} Then select BH Personal Backup you will see ” Personal Backup: Not found” you see this info because you have not made a backup yet {2}


3} Now press Yellow button, after this you will see the option to change the location where the backup will be created. Best place is HDD becouse it is never formatted when you flash a new image to your box {3}


4} When you push Red button your box will start to copy files to the backup {4}


5} When complete, you will see a message to tell you that your personal backup has been created {5}


6} Press OK and then you will get back to the BH Personal Backup Menu, here it will show you the backup which you can restore from.{7}


7} To restore a Personal Backup just press the Green Button. The image will ask you if you sure about doing this, just press OK.


8} Now you will enter the Black Hole Restore Preferences menu, in this menu you have the option to restore the complete backup {8}


Or only can restore just the options you want [ just enable/disable all options you want from the list]


9} Now the image will Restore your backup with the preferences you selected {10}


10} When complete it will ask you to reboot {11}. Press OK button and your box will reboot and you will have restored your backup on your box.


II } Full Backup

1} Press Menu button @STB Remote Control , and the info page will show {12}


2} Then select BH Full Backup, you will be asked where you want your backup saved too.

Best pleace to save a Full Backup is HDD because the hdd is not formatted when a new image is uploaded to the box{13}


3} Now press the Red button to create a backup, there will be alot of info on the screen, similar to this. {14}

It usually takes around 6-8 minutes to create a full backup (around 3.5 minutes on a Solo2), so please be patient.


4} When the backup has been created, you will see a screen similar to this, telling you how long the process took, and that the process has finished {15}