How To DLNA with Windows MP and NAS on Vu+

At first, you have to enable media library sharing on your Win Media Player, ver. 11 or higher.
(Library>Share Media>…. you can find all infos on web about how to enable DLNA)

It’s clear, that you have to have working LAN or WLAN connection with your PC to want to share with :).

Next go to BH SpeedUp (Blue>Blue>BH SpeedUp) and enable Dlna Browser and MiniDlna UpnP Server.
Leave other (Mediatomb and Coherence) disabled.


After reboot of Vu+, in Menu>Plugins click on DLNA/uPnP Browser and you’ll see next screen


On my picture browser is already running.

Green will start a browser, and after loading a device, you’ll be able to see your PC connected and user logged in (ASUS64X2 and user xxxxx in my case).

Press OK on PC connected and you are ready now, to browse and play your Windows Media Player shared files.