How to use CCcam on 4K receivers with Oscam

To use CCcam on these receivers using Oscam you need to install Oscam on your receiver, and follow the instruction:

The only thing you need to do is to add the following code in your config file which is oscam.server
If you don’t have it simply create a file and name it oscam.server and put it in this directory:
On openATV image the directory could be:

label                         =
protocol                      = cccam
device                        =,30000
user                          = myusername
password                      = mypassword
inactivitytimeout             = 30
group                         = 1
cccversion                    = 2.1.4
ccckeepalive                  = 1

device, you have to add the server address and port there like the above example.

user, you have to add the username there like the above example.

password, you have to add the password there like the above example.


Download in zip file

But if you would like to use CCcam on your 4K receiver instead of Oscam please go to this link Here.