How To Load CCcam.cfg Card Sharing Into Skybox/Openbox HD Satellite Decoder Using Thumbdrive

There are ways to load CCcam.cfg card sharing account for Dreambox using FTP and CCcam.cfg Editor, which is suitable for beginner. If you wonder how you can perform the same on OpenBox, or Skybox S9, a HD (High Definition) capable satellite decoder that have been widely dubbed as a replacement for a more relatively expensive DreamBox 800HD, here are some pretty simple steps that you can get it done.

The loading method is quite different and much simpler as compared to Dreambox decoder thanks to its built-in USB 2.0 host port. And what users need to have is a USB thumbdrive (with CCcam.cfg file stored into it) plugged into the USB 2.0 host port of the decoder. If you already have those ready, follow below steps:Continue Reading..

Spiderbox 7000 HD, 9000 HD CCcam known issue.

The box is connected to the Internet via cable and using CCcam

Problem: Non free to air channels using CCcam is scrambling/dropping out at regular timings (e.g. every 8 -20 mins)

This how to for the Spiderbox 7000 and 9000 is written from a friendly customer and he helped us to solve this major problem with the Spiderbox 9000 HD. Thank you very much!Continue Reading..

How To Load Or Setup CCcam Card Sharing On Skybox/Openbox S9 Using Remote Control


1: Go into the main menu
2: Select Network, enable your network and set the IP address to DHCP. Go back to network.
3: Select “CCcam Client Setup” If you can not see CCcam setup in the menu jump to number 9
4: If you have a cccam.cfg on your usb, we provide the CCcam.cfg file, ask for the full configured file from us to get all of our channels. Copy the CCcam.cfg file into the root folder from your USB stick. Do not copy the file in a specific folder.Select ‘Update files by usb’ if not, jump to number 10

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How to install tar.gz files from Black Hole image

Basic Note: for we install tar.gz files in Black Hole image we need rename file from tar.gz to bh.tgz

for my tutorial i will use Ipkg_Builder_bh.tgz

with my favorite ftp program i send file to tmp folder in my receiver after i’m going to remote control
and we press green/yellow button and we follow fotos step by step after any foto we press ok

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How to organize your Black Hole Green Panel

Here is one guide for who to organize your Black Hole Green Panel with your most used plugins first in the plugins list​
1. Green button​
2. Red button (Panel Setup)​

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How to setup Crossepg {XEPGDB providers} on a USB stick

1} Press Menu on your STB Remote Control and choose SETUP {1}

2} Then select CrossEPG {2}
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How to Format USB stick in Black Hole image

1} Press the Blue button twice @STB Remote Control, you will then see this menu{1}

2}Then Select Usb Format Wizard, press the Red button and then press Red again. You see info about connecting your USB stick [you will see step by step info, telling you what to do] {2}
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How to install new Drivers on VU+

Here is a little guide to install new VuPlus drivers.
First of all make a backup copy of the current drivers, copy all the files in
When new drivers comes out, take tar.gz drivers file and unzip all files in
and replace old drivers.
Than reboot your decoder, that’s all.
If image reboots correctly new drivers are compatible with your image, if image doesn’t start it means that the drivers are not compatible and you have to wait for a image upgrade.
In this case to go back to old drivers, just connect with ftp and copy the drivers you backup before to:

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How to transfer Files from PC to Receiver

First you need is FTP program like flash fxp, file zilla, dcc etc i am going to show u with dcc
1st open dcc on the firewall click allow for all networks then fill in with correct ip no , user name and password like the screenshot if entered correct info of your stp and pc you will see green line pc to your stpContinue Reading..

Senderlogos/picons im OLED-Display der Dreambox 800 SE

Du bist auf der Suche nach Senderlogos, sog. picons für Deine Dreambox 800 SE?

Wie geht’s und was brauchst Du dafür? Ganz einfach:Continue Reading..