Download CCcam for the 4K and Normal receivers!

Here is the latest CCcam files version CCcam 2.3.2 for the 4K – UHD receivers with ARM processors, and also Normal receivers with MIPS processors.
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How to install OSCam on 4K receiver!

In this tutorial I’m gonna tell you how to install OSCam on your 4K receiver.
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How to use CCcam on 4K receivers with Oscam

To use CCcam on these receivers using Oscam you need to install Oscam on your receiver, and follow the instruction:
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Enigma2 Bootlogo-Generator ( Dream-Logo-Generator )


Mit diesem Tool ist es ein “Kinderspiel” aus eigenen Fotos das Bootlogo für die Enigma2 zu erstellen und mittels des FTP-Clients auch gleich auf die Box schieben zu lassen! Hierbei wird das Bild in eine .MVI umgewandelt.
Die MVI wird dann als Bootlogo /Bootlogo_wait / und backdrop in den richtigen Ordner in der Box abgelegt!
Als Radiologo muss das MVI von Hand in radio.mvi umbenannt und in dem Ordner /usr/share/enigma2 abgelegt werden.Continue Reading..

Changer l image de démarrage de votre Dreambox !

Bonjour aujourd hui un petit tuto pour changer l image du boot de votre  DreamBox ( Tester sur DM800se sur image Tsimage 3.0 )
Pour ce faire il vous faut choisir une image en jpg au format 1280/720 et un petit programme qui s appel DLG ( Dream Logo Générator ) Dream_Logo_Generator

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Configurer un Dreambox 500S Clone de A à Z en image

Voici un tutoriel en image sur la configuration d’un décodeurs Dreambox 500S Clone avec une image Gemini 4.70 Maxvar CCcam 2.1.4.

1) Connecter votre dreambox a internet

1- Allumé votre Dreambox faite Menu > Réglages > Configuration expert > réglage de la comunication et noté l’addresse IP de votre Dreambox.

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CCcam 2.1.4 setup with TSPANEL

1- Press the green button on your remote to access the addons menu


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How to setup plugin TSpanel

1- Unzip the file on your computer enigma2-plugin-extensions-tspanel_7.5_mipsel

2- Open DCC and complete the fields as shown in the image.

Name: root
Passw: vuplus

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How to Make CCcam.cfg file

Most of the satellite receiver boxes need CCcam.cfg file with your CCcam lines in it in order to work. Usually users ask their providers for a cfg file not knowing they can create it themselves. Doing this is pretty much easy and you only need to have your CCcam lines to put in it.

First, create a simple text document.

Put your CCcam lines in it. Make sure your Lines have the correct format according to your box.Continue Reading..

How To Load CCcam.cfg Card Sharing Into Skybox/Openbox HD Satellite Decoder Using Thumbdrive

There are ways to load CCcam.cfg card sharing account for Dreambox using FTP and CCcam.cfg Editor, which is suitable for beginner. If you wonder how you can perform the same on OpenBox, or Skybox S9, a HD (High Definition) capable satellite decoder that have been widely dubbed as a replacement for a more relatively expensive DreamBox 800HD, here are some pretty simple steps that you can get it done.

The loading method is quite different and much simpler as compared to Dreambox decoder thanks to its built-in USB 2.0 host port. And what users need to have is a USB thumbdrive (with CCcam.cfg file stored into it) plugged into the USB 2.0 host port of the decoder. If you already have those ready, follow below steps:Continue Reading..