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How install an image on a USB stick with Meoboot

Please remember to run Meoboot you must have the Black Hole image in the flash memory of your box.

As follows :-

1} Press Green button @STB Remote Control and select from the plugins Meoboot, the plugins page will look like this

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Tuner Config Tutorial For Motor Dish setup

First install latest ready settings to your stb, so you don’t have to do manual channel searching, coz manual searching takes long time.

You can setup your tuner to ways easy way is using usal setting on and if u are more have experience use tuning sat manually this way you can fine tune.

Now i am going to show you manual tuning satellite.

Press menu/setup/service searching/tuner configuration/select tuner B/Choose advanced and select the satellite you want to tune in in my case 28.2 select lnb1/select diseqc mode 1.2
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How to made Personal Backup and Full Backup

How to made Personal Backup and Full Backup.

As follows:-

I } Personal Backup

1} Press Menu button @STB Remote Control , and info page will show {1}

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How to setup Universes in BH image

How to setup Universes in BH image

As follow:-

1} To run/setup universes in BH image you must have mounted your usb to /universe because all the universe worlds are saved on your usb stick. The best way to do this is to make 2-3 partitions on your usb using the usb format wizard from the Blue panel, and mount 1 of the partitions as /universe. You can mount 1 of the other partions ase /media/usb (or whatever else you want to mount as) {1}

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How to setup your Vu+ for recording on USB

How to setup your Vu+ box for recording on an usb stick or on another device connected to an usb port.
Mount your usb stick by Devices Manager as /media/usb
Blue Panel > Black Hole Settings > Devices Manager > Mountpoints …

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How to Mount HDD and USB in the Black Hole Devices Manger

How to Mount USB in the Black Hole Devices Manger

As follows :-

1} Press Blue button twice @STB Remote Control and select the Devices Manger, you will see this screen {1}

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MeoBoot – Short user guide

To use MeoBoot, obviously, you need to install a devices (HDD or USB Stick), to format it in EXT4 and to mount it.​
You can format and mount the device by Black Hole Devices Manager.​
After installing your device, you have to enable MoBoot by opening it by Black Hole Green Panel and choosing your preferred device to use for multiboot.​

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How to create zip image backup from barry allen menu

How to create zip image backup from barry allen menu
Only with two steps !!!
1. From Black Hole Menu / Plugins / Barryallen
We are going to wizard of installed images and we select backup image to zip image at backup

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How To connect Vu+ to LAN – WLAN


Use Interface – yes, otherways will not work
DHCP to no – Your router will not do DHCP, will use static IP address for your box – better then dynamic

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